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Vision: Seeing the road you're on… and where you're going

Do you remember how it all started? Can you look back and tell stories about the windy road your organization has been on? Can you recount all the turns and switchbacks, the days of potholes and rough pavement as well as the days of smooth worry-free travel?

Do you know where you are now? Do you know your strengths as well as you know your weaknesses? Do you know what opportunities are out there and how you're going to go ofter them? Do you know the internal and external threats that face your business today and in the days ahead? More importantly, do you know how you're going to face those threats?

Do you know where you want to go? How you're going to get there from here? Why you even want to go there?

Without a clear sense of vision, backward and forward as well as what's around you now, all efforts to improve your Vectors and Velocity will fail. The clarity of your organization's vision is essential.