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Velocity: The speed of your organization's growth

In order to fly, an aircraft needs enough forward speed to generate lift from its wings. The faster the air moves over the wings, the more lift is generated, and the higher the aircraft can climb. To keep an aircraft aloft, however, there must always be forward motion.

Like an aircraft, your organization needs to be in constant forward motion to stay in flight. And if you want to go higher, your organization needs to move faster. If you want to go higher, and even if you want to just stay in flight, you need to eliminate friction within your organization.

First we will look at your numbers to determine your current velocity. Are you speeding up? Slowing down? Staying about the same? Your numbers tell a story about your business, and we are interested in that story.

We'll then dive into the things that affect your velocity: your people, your process, your lineup, what technology you have and how you use it, and, of course, we'll take a look at your competition.

When we're done analyzing all this, we'll give you a thorough analysis of what your velocity is and the friction points that are holding you back. Further, we'll give you an actionable plan of what needs to be done to remove friction so you can improve your velocity.